Thursday, January 14, 2010

What an unusual day... I finally have my sewing machine back - the repair man returned from Vegas - and as I am getting ready to sew something special for my mother, whose birthday is tomorrow, the lights go out. I then look over some old letters, cheques, etc... and discover that a major company short changed me... so ... made $250.00 with the lights out. I also had the time to complain about the Hydro people chopping up our 3/4 km long driveway the other day... and it seems that this will be fixed, too. Not bad, eh?

Then.... I take a quick cold hair wash as we are on well and with no power we cannot get our water running... so.... as I gasp in freezing horror to prepare to escape the lightless house... the power comes on.

At this time I decide to quickly check my Emails- before sewing time- and find that a friend has written to comment on the beauty of the last mural that I posted.... so... I then decided to 'show off' this student made mural that I had the Grades 8 to 12 students do in my classroom last year. We studied aboriginal art from around the world and then they replicated or used as inspiration their favourite in clay. A HUGE magnificent piece of art work that has not been mounted on a wall for it's permenant home... yet! Hopefully - soon!!!!
Off to sew.... because I have unexpectedly realized that I CAN sew and only a couple of months ago .... and so... I am now a little sew and sew... like my Daddy..... miss him SO!!!!!:(

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