Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I have been thinking about my clothing line and why women love me when they TRY ON my clothes.  I do think that one of the words that represents my style of designing for women is simply.... FREEDOM.

Women tell me that they have a new found freedom of no longer finding dressing a chore.  Freedom go to the closet and easily and confidently choose their K-O.ME by Kjaer Originals.

Freedom to go out and truly know you look and FEEL fantastic...

Freedom to have the confidence of relaxing that your clothes are figure flattering in the drape and design that suits you and your lifestyle.

I certainly find that I enjoy many fabrics that are spectacularlyfabulous... silks and natural fibbers that truly SHOUT for attention, however, I know, too, that often we just want a simple piece that just feels right, I love creating for every woman, and every part of her... YOUR life.

Most of my clothes are simple, too, to dress up or dress down. Wearing a pair of jeans can look as perfect with one of my jackets as the most elegant of black dresses.

I guess my personal way of dressing and many of my customers find perfect for their life, too... is to ENJOY wearing basic black.  I create fabulous tank tops, tunics, and dresses that can be your SLIMMING backdrop.  Add to it the splash of a K-O.ME statement piece in a wrap, vest, or jacket and you are set for whatever should come your way.  Easy flattering styles... ha ha... I know you will LOVE me.

So, yes, FREEDOM to just be... and know that you are comfortable enough in your own skin to be all you truly can be thinking, worrying, pulling, or tugging... easy dressing.... looking SO good... always!