Thursday, January 21, 2010

A huge collage of works that my secondary students did and then we glued them on big boards and mounted them in a massive - and previously empty - staircase.
I always hated to throw out their art work - hoping that they would pick it up one day - this 'mural' is a collection of left overs from my first few years of teaching art... only the charcoal self portraits are copies....
I should note here that there are still many outragously beautiful masterpieces that I left in safe keeping at MSS. One day soon there is a plan to sell works at a garage sale.... so sad.... to not have the owners OWN them... When I look back, I must take much blame... as I always insisted that we keep the art for display purposes... everything was available and organized in June... but, by that time, so many young people would very unfortunately 'forget'.... so....we displayed in the hallways, library, glass display cases, and... of course for years I had my students take over every window on the main street and display simply thousands of pieces of art... I was never a fan of showing only 'the best'.... I like to think that I DID get their personal best out of them at the time... at least... ha ha... it was not for lack of my trying ..... concentrate on the moment and it is simply remarkable what you can do....


  1. Idea for moving and the stress of sorting:
    3 boxes (or piles if need be)

    1 for definite throw-aways

    1 for maybes or maybe to pass on to friends & family

    3 for keepers (you pack these immediately after sorting).

    Love your blog. On Etsy I'm known as Heartspace. Come see my store sometime!

  2. Thank you for the suggestions .... I need all the help that I can get on this..... and even more... thanks for being my first comment on my blog... yahhhh..... and, yes, I will check out Heartspace