Saturday, February 13, 2010

What fun.... my boys turned 20 years old today.... their girlfriends and their Aunt Gail came over for dinner. I whipped up a few little bamboo jackets and gave them to my boys for their birthday because I always wanted to make them something on my sewing maching... ha ha... Quincy gave his purple top to his Julia and Karson laughingly passed on his blue jacket to an appreciative Kayla who lovingly hugged it all night long... Jeff was not overlooked and gleefully grabbed the parcel that I made for him thinking that it was a whole bunch of bamboo socks as I had made him only once before... he ended up, after his initial disappoointment, having fun, too, putting his gift on his sister.... Gail then proceeded to try on everything else that I happened to have made and still in the house.... she let me know that she wants to buy it all... but would not give up her first present because it looks and FEELS so damn good.... yahoo.... that means a lot that she loves my work..... so... tell me... would YOU like to come over for dinner?

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