Monday, March 26, 2012

Ten Dollars VS Thousand Dollar Purchase

Ten Dollars or a Thousand Dollar Purchase - I was at Portobello Market in Vancouver this past weekend and I had two customers come to me at the same time.  One was so lovingly touching the abundance of my sale scarves at the blow out price of a mere TEN BUCKS.  The other was a customer that was so obviously sure to find her treasures from my clothing line and buy multiple items, certainly covering the cost of my booth for the weekend.  They were both trying to see themselves in the one mirror as they both continued to find new and delicious items to try and admire on themselves.  I found myself thinking... come ON... please choose your scarf and allow this other much more affluent customer the mirror.  BUT they both were engrossed in their own worlds envisioning the joys of their perfect findings and I realized, yet again, it does not matter how much a customer spends, what matters is the joy, the happiness, the satisfaction of that perfect purchase.  I acknowledged to myself in that moment, the gratitude I felt for both of these women.  How lucky am I to be a part of their sense of happiness... they both left my booth thrilled - one with her ten dollar purchase draped lovingly around her neck and she simply glowed wearing the simple scarf I had sewn - and the other with her bag chock a block full of goodies that both her and I knew she would wear and wear AND WEAR ... happy customers ... happy me....  LUCKY me.

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