Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Participation Workshop Feedback Form
Workshop Title: GET DIRTY
Date of Session: Friday, January 20, 2012
School: Yennadon, Maple Ridge, BC


Your demonstration of all the different techniques at the beginning.  Thanks for letting us play.  Had a great time.

Lots of free time to explore and create with the clay.  The handout is wonderful – love all of the photos!

All the demos and info

Time to do some hands on work with the clay.  Some good examples for projects.

All of the fantastic ideas, information, handout!  Great attitude of Kjaer!

Hand out with lots of ideas.  Chance to work with clay and take work home.

The hands on learning, the quick but thorough explanation of different techniques, the ability to expore, the info pachage!

The flexibility and generosity of spirit.  Thank you for a lovely morning.

Her help, creativitiy and easy to follow directions.  Loved the workshop.

-the instruction – the free use of materials – the offer of free class workshops – excellent handouts

All the great ideas and package

Getting my hands in the clay.  I also really liked seeing the clay demonstrations.  I also really appreciated using the stamps and various tools that were supplied.

-       I loved the speed of demonstrations. – Lots of hands on experience. – Lots of take home


Loved this workshop!  Thank you so much!

So fun!

Thanks so much!  I loved it, can’t wait to take it into my classroom so they can get dirty too!

This was great for practical suggestions that we can take right back and use

Thank you so much and for providing the additional class workshops.

Thank you!

Please note that this was truly EXACTLY AS WRITTEN BY THE PARTICIPANTS

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  1. These are teacher comments at the Professional Development Day workshop