Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Kjaer Neletia Pedersen proves to be a continuing work of art in progress. She was born in Owen Sound, Ontario to Kjaer, a Danish tailor and to Neletia, a strong beautiful woman of colour and substance. Kjaer grew up gleefully enjoying all of the wonders of her life...... love, dancing, art, academics.
Teaching all of her life, Kjaer has just retired after 30 wonderful years in the classroom. She has taught from Grade One to Adults, run large First Nations Alternate Programs, and, along with almost every subject area in all Grade levels, chose to teach secondary Art exclusively and joyfully for the past number of years. Kjaer and her students created wonderful massive murals together, in clay, paint, collage, and tile mosaics, along with assisting young people to earn University credit while still attending high school.
Working part time in her pottery studio, located on her own acreage, while still teaching, allowed Kjaer the creative outlet that she needed. She has successfully sold in many art galleries and her works are in private collections worldwide. Kjaer is drawn to the human face and began her serious ceramic work when she began to make clay masks, but, as everything in her life, she quickly became interested in a multitude of other related work.... playing with wall hangings, mirrors, along with various and gorgeous tableware pieces. Life is good. Kjaer shares her pleasure of having ‘eye candy’ in everyday life .... drawing ourselves back to the present moment in appreciating the finer details ... a simple bowl of soup can become a special occasion for one in a piece of art by Kjaer.
Kjaer Neletia Pedersen has an insatiable sense of enjoying a wide variety of artistic experimentation and has just recently incorporated her crazy, and admittedly somewhat obsessive passion for clothing..... in that she is always wanting and searching for unique, comfortable, artistic clothing world wide ..... Kjaer laughingly realizes that her own children didn’t even know that she could sew on a button, as she unexpectedly purchased a sewing machine only a few months ago and already has become a featured fabric artist at a world renowned shop, Bab’s Boutique on South Granville, Vancouver, and was just accepted to sell her wares at Circle Craft Christmas Show and Sale. Magical as it seems that Kjaer can sew, she recalls that in her youth, vividly remembering sitting at her father’s knee as he speed sewed......... mesmerized, awed, inspired.... learning and not realizing.
Totally excited about her new developing exclusive clothing line, Kjaer has already gone through various stages of development but, of one thing you can always be sure of... every work of art by Kjaer, both with pottery and with cloth is always one of a kind... work is freehand cut and designed so that ORIGINAL is what you will wear, place on your table, put up on your wall... when you purchase from Ko – Kjaer Originals.
Kjaer, a definite work of art in progress, and in quoting Oscar Wilde, “One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art”, and Kjaer proves with her artistic passion that she can be both. Kjaer is sure that your chosen piece will become a fast favourite. Works of Art to Wear... Clothing for EVERY body.... Look good and FEEL even better. Enjoy!!!

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