Saturday, March 20, 2010

I was asked to do some holders for glasses by a high end store that sells sun and regular glasses. She used these for display until the place was broken into and these were .... stolen!
I called these simply... 'a place for glasses'... and today I continue my struggle of packing/realeasing in my old home as we take the last of everything today and tomorrow into our new home... but .... we don't have book shelves yet or closet organizers as everything was built in for the old house..... and in my creative mess of life... I do work so hard to try to make a place for everything and then..... everything in it's placce... ha ha .... it is not a natural gift.... I would rather be creating... ANYTHING rather than taking even a moment to organize and... this move has been non-stop...... I know my place will SOON be joyously beautiful .... but, do not open a closet!

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